A dazzling hosiery city,a honorable Zhongcai city

Zhongcai Hotel, located in the famous “international hosiery city”-Zhuji Datang, has superior and convenient transportation. She lies in the junction of Shaoxing- Line and Hangzhou-Jinhua Line, 5km away from Zhuji Railway Station, 6km away from the exit of the throughway; 60km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in the north, 35km away from Yiwu Airport in the south; connected to National AAAA Wuxie Scenic Area and Xi Shi hometown tourist district; at a stone's throw from central cities-Hangzhou, Ningbo, etc.

Fine wine,coffee,cup of phosphorescent jade,Zhongcai shows her elegance

Zhongcai Hotel is dedicated to providing distinctive top-grade dining service. You may enjoy an international Buffet dinner or have an easy cup of afternoon tea in Western Restaurant or Tongle lobb;

The colorful International, Heart dependencies

Presidential suite, business suite, deluxe double room, administration double room, administration oversized bed room, business double room, business oversized bed room

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